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July 9, 2010

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Dear Zachary The Monkey Loves You

Dear Zachary”: - shot in documentary style, is a movie born out of love and deep friendship and when love is at the core of any endeavour you are willing to go to the ends of the earth for what and in this case, for who you love. ”Dear Zachary” is exactly that - a letter; a love letter written on behalf of parents, relatives (close and distant), friends, colleagues, and past lovers.

I know I’m gonna end up sounding cryptic but if you’re anything like me, getting a letter is an adventure to be savoured and half, if not most, of the joy and fun is not knowing how it ends. Each page invites you deeper into that distant life of a friend – what they are up to, what they are thinking, do they miss you and do they remember when. So the whiff of cryptic you’re smelling is me not telling you the plot except maybe a few hints – there is comedy and there is tragedy, there is affection, there is anger, there is both laughter and tears and there are moments when you just shake your head.

Without the plot to delve into, I’m left with letting you in on the affect of this documentary. What I went away with was a profound appreciation for these people that are connected to Zachary and feeling inspired by the untiring dedication of friends and family that met a situation many would do everything in their power to escape out of panic and fear of suffering. It isn’t a stretch to say that the response back to many of these people would be “well done good and faithful servant”. But all this inspiration isn’t just “feel good” trickery. There is much to this story that is raw and fueled by frustration – it is spoken and it is honest and you don’t blame them one bit but when “you meant it for evil” becomes an occasion for love, self-extension, and a deep bonding that goes beyond brotherly love you feel you have just witnessed the power of something much greater than revenge or hatred.

This movie monkey recommends “Dear Zachary”. I think you will discover that the labour of love that went into crafting this letter/documentary made it into much more than just a personal exchange. “Dear Zachary” pays homage to more than a person – it is a love letter in it’s truest form. It is a letter about love, that great big love that goes beyond the intimate twosome or mere nuclear/tribal affection.