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October 28, 2006
World’s Fastest Indian - Go Chimp Go

One of the first images we see is a shelf lined with hand-hewn metal contraptions and painted on the edge of the shelf is the epitaph “Dedicated to the God of Speed”. “World’s Fastest Indian” is a movie about speed or the obsession with speed and yet it is a movie that moves slowly and reflectively taking it’s cues from the journey one man takes. This one man is Burt Munroe, New Zealand’s legendary hero, played by legendary actor Anthony Hopkins, who at the end of his life managed to live his dream of racing his motorcycle. This movie could easily have taken the typical route in focusing on achievement for achievement’s sake; a neatly packaged story of the “winner”. The route is driven, however, not by plot but by character. Each character is drawn richly and thoughtfully; each character, no matter how minor, affect each other until in the end, you’re not watching a movie about a man against the world but a man standing with the world, encountering the world in his own unique way with his very unique vision. “World’s Fastest Indian”, while a movie about a race, is much more a movie about journey – not just the goal or where you end up but also about what happens on the way.

Rating: Just on acting skill alone, Anthony Hopkins, is once again amazing. It is more than just a performance with a good accent but Hopkins, as he usually does, becomes a new person. In this case, Hopkins became a man at the end of his life who still had a fiery dream to live out – Burt Munroe.