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Monkey Reviews
November 19, 2006

C. For Chimp – V. For Vendetta

From the makers of The Matrix comes “V for Vendetta”. I have to admit I barely remember the details of the Matrix nor do I recall being impacted a great deal. I remember it had meaning, great effects and was very foretelling. All these things can be said for “V” and in my opinion I felt that the combination between meaning, effects and the its’ prophetic message was tightly woven where no one thing overshadowed the other. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the meaning and the message was deepened by the effects and the setting. In fact it was the setting that played a huge part in telling the story. You could almost say the setting was more than just a backdrop but came alive much like a character comes alive.

The movie is set in futuristic Britain but not so much so that you feel like it’s just another clever fantasy or Sci-Fi. In that way it is very creative in how different eras (the past, present and future) play off one another. “V” is both historical as well as a story that tells the future and not merely the distant future. While you feel like you’re looking into a time beyond you also feel like you have already tasted what is to come: a society that is bent on fear, paranoia and ultimately control and demise. There are some parallels between present-day America that are just too close to be coincidental and leave you with an eerie feeling.

“V for Vendetta” paints a bleak picture of the way things are and perhaps this is why it is so very hopeful. IT is honest and doesn’t play into the hands of an ideology that believes if only systems would change we’d have a better world. The hope, like any apocalyptic hope is accompanied by a Phoenix-like destruction. The hope lies in more than just an idea but in love between people and a love that unmasks the masses.

This chimp loved “V” and took to heart the message that is ultimately a Christic message – now that’s impactful.