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August 12, 2006
Ninth Day” - what the Chimp thought

“Ninth Day” was viewed by the Men’s Movie Night a couple months back so this is not so much a recommendation but more of a small token of my appreciation for its depth of feeling and faith. As I started watching the opening scenes the thought that went through my head was of how many movies I had seen in the setting of Nazi Germany. It didn’t take long, however, to realize that this particular movie was unique. For one thing there is not a Jew in sight; the main character is a Catholic Priest and we begin the movie with images of him as a prisoner Dachau. Quickly we find out that this will not be the main setting yet Kremer, the priest, remains imprisoned for the rest of the movie. Released but still bound, not by his own devices but by the devices of the principalities and powers that tried to wreak havoc at that time, on a national scale but also in the life of the church and the individual. If ever there was a movie that embodies the “theology of the cross” the Ninth Day is right up there with “To End All Wars”. Historically we know the church as an institutional whole did not do well in siding with the cross in this particular context and perhaps an institution never can. The individual, however, on rare occasions rises to the occasion and is able to “take this cup”. “Ninth Day” is a powerful movie about a mere man who wrestles with his faith, his freedom and his vocation. The title refers to the unique structure in which the story is told and it adds to the tension and to the affect of Father Kremer’s struggle. This chimp raises all her digits in celebration of this movie.