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Monkey Reviews
July 8, 2006


I don’t usually like movies about relationships unless of course there’s a high degree of dysfunction, quirkiness and no romantic schlock. Actually Squid and the Whale isn’t so much about relationships but about the breakdown of a family and how each individual handles divorce. I think the reason it works so well ( gives it a whopping 100%) is because of how honest the movie portrays the state of “messed-upness” in each character which usually ensures there isn’t a stock or contrived feel to the movie. This is no morality play but rather a reality play, right to the very end. Squid and the Whale is both humorous but also deeply sad and pathetic. The two extremes, tragedy and comedy, co-exist quite nicely and each serves the other to tell the truth about dysfunction and the downward spiral of those that thought they had it made but perhaps not. I have to mention the fact that this is a classic portrayal of the ‘3’ (Enneagram) gone bad, so bad you laugh as you cringe. It’s just too true. There’s also something special for all those Pink Floyd fans.

Rating: Worth seeing even though it might lead to some disturbing afterthoughts. Also, just a warning, the sexuality portrayed in the movie is far from healthy but because it fits with the overall theme, I wouldn’t classify it as gratuitous.