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Through the Eyes of A Chimp

Monkey Reviews
August 17, 2006

Chimp Hears the Call – “Saved”

What at first verges on repulsive and maybe too “close to home” in terms our religious past, “Saved”, the movie, delivers hope and a vision for community that transcends tightly held belief structures. Initially, you wonder if this will be just another teen movie and while it contains the classic teen movie ingredients, i.e. teen romance, emotional hysteria, popish musical score and a few comedic groaners it is much more. Obviously the filmmaker/writer is well acquainted with American evangelical culture and not just the veneer but beneath the surface. Neither is this movie just using the religious platform to tell another story but it is apparent that the message of faith is at the core of the film. What does it mean to be truly saved? Probably many things to many people and this is where the movie comes through in that it doesn’t replace one belief with another but rather it presents the human story in all its mixed-up splendor. Instead of leaving us with the typical post-modern cynical way out “Saved” gives us a vision of communion where all are welcome, if they choose.

Rating: Once you get over the gag-reflex I think the meaning will come through. After all the gag-response is probably crucial to getting to the heart of the movie.