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February 23, 2008

STARDUST – Falling Star Monkey Stardust: a romance ….

but much more than a romance. I’ve heard of Neil Gaimon, his name and his books have been floating around Watershed for awhile but Stardust, a movie based on one of his novels, was one of two encounters with his work. The other movie, Mirrormask – a little more dark and serious, was also written by Gaimon, and also reviewed by the monkey. I’m sure this will not be the last exposure to his writings; I made a promise to myself to put his name on my “must read” list.
There’s no getting around it, Stardust is a Romance and might even be considered a “Romantic Comedy slash Fantasy”, not right up there on my list of “must see” movies but the combination of clever writing, a cast of colorful characters and the classic story of good vs. evil makes it highly enjoyable. It is not a movie that is heavy-laden but it is also not a movie that is “fluff”. There are dark moments and dark characters but the humour takes it out of the realm of typical or contrived. It should also be said that the humour isn’t just slapstick or cheesy but is part of the intelligence of the movie. In other words Stardust transcends the genre of “family viewing” and appeals to the adult just as well; you don’t have to have a kid in the room to watch it.
It is a story well-told, pure and simple where the focus is not only on “boy meets girl”. Woven throughout is the archetypal myth of journey, coming of age and transformation and while it doesn’t leave you in a pondering mood you do feel as if you’ve come away having heard one of the greats. It is truly an example of someone having fun with fairy-tales that go way back. That is what makes it so mesmerizing and magical. What struck me most were the characters and probably what was the biggest selling feature was the creative acting by some really well known actors. Monkey had fun watching this movie and hopes you do too. It is light fare but definitely worth it. See if you can recognize the few familiar notes of the musical theme. A nice nod to one of the great Fantasy movies of our day.