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Monkey Reviews
April 7, 2008


Even though I have kept my responses to movies, I couldn’t resist sending out my reflections on the “made-for-TV” mystery, Reichenbach Falls, we watched last night, which by the way is available for others to see, thanks to some OCD downloading of late. We watch a lot of BBC mysteries and for the most part enjoy what we see a great deal, it has become our favourite genre. So what is it about this particular mystery that is so captivating; enough for the monkey to respond?

The word clever comes to mind, but not clever in the sense of tricks, effects or technique. You might say Reichenbach Falls is a “thinking person’s” mystery. Be prepared to follow closely, make connections and dredge up any literary knowledge you might have. The imagination and a healthy capacity for intuition is a must if you want to get the plot. You’ll need all the help you can get. I certainly found that – admittedly we had to pause several times so I could get some clarity.

The story is fast paced but not in the way an “action movie” is fast moving. The pace is suited for the quick minded and for those who love literature and history. Nothing feels stock or contrived and the twists and turns all make sense, as long as you enter with an open imagination. It is so well written and executed that I remember thinking three quarters of the way through that I didn’t want it to end – I was hooked and drawn into the world of Detective Jim Buchan. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next as nothing seems predictable.

The setting is modern day Edinburgh and to off-set the richness of it’s ancient history we are invited into the underworld of inner-city crime – grimy, dreary, gray and messy. True to form, BBC comes through in giving us a hero that is messed up and deeply flawed. You want to give him a shake but at the same time, every bit of you roots for him.

I think I’ll leave it at that – it’s a mystery that is authentically intriguing and full of surprises. Like I said, nothing is stock, predictable or contrived. It’s great for those who enjoy playing a bit of mind-games. As well, there is just the right mix of gravity and humour, like only the Brits can do. You won’t find this at Rogers, Blockbuster or Movie Village but it is available for borrowing from the Patterdome of Pleasure Perception.

Good Monkey loved the Bad Monkey and could easily see it again.